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Welcome to Real Time Short Stories. This is the personal blog of Dinesh Allirajah. I’m a writer of short stories and a lecturer in creative writing. I also write and perform poetry and I’ve been around the Liverpool arts scene so long, moss has grown over the top of me. You can find out some more back at my Luddite website HERE.

I’m here to talk about short stories, about the writing and the reading of them, and about the moments in life that dance past like short stories playing out in real time.

2 Responses to "About"

What a great idea – I’m loving the design of the blog too……It’s the first day of the long Easter holidays for me and I’ve been busy all day catching up on things that needed catching up on. Now it’s time to browse the web and drink the tea. Life don’t get much better than this.

Hi Din,

Happened across your blog a few years ago after hearing you read your ‘Scrabble Tax’ short story at the Bluecoat. Have come across it again now and am sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. Have really enjoyed reading through your posts over a coffee this afternoon and will make sure I pop by more often now. The ‘Scrabble Tax’ story still has me smiling when I think about it and I’ve mentioned it to loads of pals over the years; it remains the best short story I’ve ever seen performed live. Hope you’re well on the way to recovery, keep up the great work on here, it’s ace.



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